petit prince

This is the latest from the studio. A pendant inspired by Le Petit Prince, with the earth and the sky in white 14k gold and the star, a 5mm beautiful emerald.

I am very happy that I had the chance to craft this pendant for a friend, so I will get to see it being worn often. As I will see the first wedding bands I ever made (with black and white opals set inside) and the cat with green eyes engagement ring. It makes me smile every time.


Aromatic waterAug 17

Aromatic water

There have been a couple of very hot days here in Bucharest, so I invented an aromatic water to keep me happy and hydrated during these times of intense heat. Actually, this is not quite an invention, as it is an adaption of a coffee shop special lemonade, without the sugar and syrups the original […]

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The curmudgeon, the artist and the aficionadoJul 15

The curmudgeon, the artist and the aficionado

So I watched Dr. House. And I loved it. I wouldn’t mind being like him, once in a while, with all his quirks and eccentricities. Who would, right? When I heard he was coming to Bucharest in his tour with The Copper Bottom Band (how cool of a name is that?), I was a bit torn. On […]

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Three things besides wearing a skirt...Jul 12

Three things besides wearing a skirt…

… and feeling a bit awkward in it… Horseback riding, again, after the longest time Working on my first pair of wedding rings Counting down to a week of seaside bliss How are you these days?

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The one with flowers and owlsJul 10

The one with flowers and owls

Just some pictures of my timid attempt to grow flowers. Cacti, roses and begonia. It’s good the owls are lower maintenance, caring for flowers is pretty tricky as it is. But they are so pretty, aren’t they?

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Handful of happinessJul 7

Handful of happiness

Yet another reason to have a small garden. Yummy

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My weekend at the seasideJul 1

My weekend at the seaside

I’m not a big fan of weekend getaways. I mean, I am, but I am a bigger fan of longer holidays, of course. Driving to and from for just a night or two, sometimes I’d rather stay put. But this year, I thought I should try more weekend getaways to the seaside. This was the […]

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