It’s been almost two and a half years since I first laid my hands on a file. Or a saw. Or a hammer. I thought back then this is a hobby I should give a try, but I was genuinely afraid that it will last as little as my other endeavors (card making, crochet, print screening).

Today I received my first gem tray for all of the gemstones and rough stones I have been collecting over time. I felt a bit proud and much more inspired to see them all lined up like this.

Does this mean that I am jeweler? A small one, admittedly, but a jeweler still.


Waking up to flowersApr 23

Waking up to flowers

After finally turning the unused bedroom into an used bedroom, I turned the huge champagne glass into a vase. It’s so nice to wake up to beautiful flowers every morning.

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The human touchApr 22

The human touch

The hospitality business is all about people. It’s kind of obvious, I know. But if you go past the first layer – the patrons, it’s more about people than any other field of work. I was telling you on another occasion about the principles we use when hiring people. We want them smart and funny […]

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Snippets of my Easter weekendApr 21

Snippets of my Easter weekend

For the Easter weekend, we took a break from the city and went to the country side, to soak up the fresh air, the green of spring and the after storm sun. We slept well, ate well and exercised a bit, we watched some movies, cheered for our favorite snooker players and played with the […]

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The Sketching BackpackerApr 9

The Sketching Backpacker

Look at this wonderful fashion sketches by The Sketching Backpacker!

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Dark was the night {wip}Apr 7

Dark was the night {wip}

At night, important things are hidden from our view and the stars are the only hope of light. The moon shines over the things she likes and the colors blend into deep shades of black. Night was the dark, my new collection is still work in progress. Using silver, natural pigments and opals, rough diamonds […]

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The list #7Apr 1

The list #7

I started this post this morning. I opened my photoshop and added the first bullet point. Just the bullet point, no text. Clearly, making doable lists is not my strong point. Later in the day, I went to the theater. A one man show, actually, but closest to a theater play than I’d ever been […]

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