It might be that I am a tad late with summer holiday recommendations, since most of you already booked or enjoyed their summer vacation. But a little list of daydreaming inspiration won’t hurt anyone, will it?

10 best budget destinations
Top 50 travel destinations in 2015
50 places to see before you die
Top 10 adventure destinations
Best 15 destinations for 2015
and last, but not least
8 holiday destinations in Romania (and 22+ reasons to come here)

Anything you’d like to add to the list?

*photo from my weekend away, so you’ll see it’s not been all food and only food


日本語、anyone?Jul 7


It was 2002. I got to visit Japan and be amazed by a wonderful people, with wonderful culture. The 10 years hard work of learning Japanese paid off, and then some. Time went by. 13 years of time. And the 漢字 and polite phrases and everything I learned started to fade away. Some things still stick, […]

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You are what you likeJul 6

You are what you like

British researchers think that, by analyzing one’s like patterns and digital footprint, they can predict their personality traits and psychological profile. This, above, is me. Apply Magic Sauce to make your own.

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Music is the bestJul 3

Music is the best

I went to a concert the other day, Hiromi with The Trio Project. The energy was amazing and she looked like she was having a great time. Music is the best. Music can create enormous energy to which even the most different people can relate. Music can touch anyone, regardless of education, culture, background. Music […]

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Insta-moments #6 // JuneJul 2

Insta-moments #6 // June

Coffee apart, June looks like childhood. Who can complain?

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Seaside watercolor fun and some owlsJun 26

Seaside watercolor fun and some owls

And I did it. I finally painted some stones, with owls, of course, and with other fun subjects of choice. It was so much fun, I will do it again the next time I am at the seaside, with beautiful white stones at my fingertips. I decided to give these away to some happy kids, […]

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Watercolor fun // April updateJun 14

Watercolor fun // April update

I am way behind on updating this little space. I assume it will be a while before I manage to catch up, so please bear with me. April was the month of flowers. Here are some flowers for you! \ I hope you enjoy this bouquet! See you soon!

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