So, at your wits’ end… Who isn’t? — Songs from the Second Floor


Tomorrow is another day — You, the Living


I’m happy to hear you’re doing fine — A Pigeon Sat on a Branch, Reflecting on Existence

If you’re in the mood for a couple of hours of bitter-sweet moments of life, these three movies directed by Roy Andersson are a perfect choice. The frames are still and the dialogues are plain, but one cannot help but feel for the poor bastards and put on their shoes. Life is a bitch, as they say, but humorous, tender, warm moments are well worth the effort.


Magic in my lifeOct 8

Magic in my life

It was that time of my life again, the Harry Potter time. Once every one or two years, I go back to Harry Potter and go through the books and the movies one by one (book-movie in pairs). This time around, I was lazy, so I skipped the books and only watched the movies. Eight […]

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Music of my days #1 // Summer tunesSep 25

Music of my days #1 // Summer tunes

I know summer is over, yet I am not really ready to let it go. So much so that I am already planning my summer holiday during winter (January in Thailand) and I am browsing back my SoundHound searches from my summer wanderings. Jamaica Here are some songs that made the hotter days cooler and […]

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The photos I didn't takeAug 20

The photos I didn’t take

One week into readjusting from my sailing trip to Croatia⚓ and I am trying to understand how and why my cameras⛵ remained hidden most of the time. From time to time, throughout my trip, I would say to myself: I must remember these colors, this narrow street, this tasty fish, this sparkling drink. I must remember, because […]

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List of lists #4Jul 10

List of lists #4

It might be that I am a tad late with summer holiday recommendations, since most of you already booked or enjoyed their summer vacation. But a little list of daydreaming inspiration won’t hurt anyone, will it? 10 best budget destinations Top 50 travel destinations in 2015 50 places to see before you die Top 10 adventure […]

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日本語、anyone?Jul 7


It was 2002. I got to visit Japan and be amazed by a wonderful people, with wonderful culture. The 10 years hard work of learning Japanese paid off, and then some. Time went by. 13 years of time. And the 漢字 and polite phrases and everything I learned started to fade away. Some things still stick, […]

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You are what you likeJul 6

You are what you like

British researchers think that, by analyzing one’s like patterns and digital footprint, they can predict their personality traits and psychological profile. This, above, is me. Apply Magic Sauce to make your own.

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