trilogies (3)

The Godfather
The Godfather: Part II
The Godfather: Part III

trilogies (2)

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
The Girl Who Played with Fire
The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets’ Nest

trilogies (1)

Before Sunrise
Before Sunset
Before Midnight

The movies went in slowly lately. Too busy, too restless, too OCDed on trilogies. This is what I managed to add to the diary, and I am pleased with how the list is coming along.

What have you been watching lately? Any (trilogy) recommendations you might want to share?


Insta-moments #5 // AprilMay 1

Insta-moments #5 // April

Can’t believe we are one third into the new… ahem, already old year. Spring is blooming, sun is shining, feet are eager to go walking. Cat is enjoying her naps and grooming and holds on tight to the blanket, despite the warmer days.

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Watercolor fun // March updateApr 24

Watercolor fun // March update

I bet you saw this coming… A month full of watercolor owls, how lovely. Not much to say, except I had a lot of fun. I loved the idea of having a theme to follow, my watercolor minutes thus better spent than figuring out what to do next. I used many watercolors on the www for […]

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Lost connectionsApr 14

Lost connections

A song, a streetlight, a smell and I find myself asking what if… I strongly believe that people who are meant to stay, will stay. With effort and work, relationships grow and acquaintances become friends, and then dear friends, and then old friends. And, sometimes, they just disappear. Life happens and we grow separately. You […]

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Happy Easter!Apr 12

Happy Easter!

This year, I tried my hand at egg dyeing, for the first time. I wanted to make some gradient eggs and some line composition eggs, but things didn’t go as planned. The pressure was too high, the eggs, brown tanned and the colors, not good enough. So I ended up with plain, uni eggs in five colors. Good […]

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New collection // Fairytale gone realApr 6

New collection // Fairytale gone real

And they lived happily ever after is not the romantic end of a love story. It is the beginning of the real story, in which the happy end is the result of an important series of questions. Who is taking out the garbage? Did you get bread? Who does the dishes? What’s in the fridge? Can you […]

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Insta-moments #4 // MarchApr 1

Insta-moments #4 // March

This month was the month of homemade espressos, flowers, unpacking and reconciliation with the cat. These are just some of the snapshots of March, with longer days and sunnier mornings.

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