monument valley

These days, I am in awe of the most beautiful, delicate game on my iPhone. It’s a quiet story about a silent princess, Ida, that seeks forgiveness in a world of impossible geometry and optical illusions. The music, the colours, the interactive Escherian constructions kept me playing all the 18 levels almost in a heart beat (10 original ones and 8 more in Distant shores update, recently released).

I will get back to this game time and time again, whenever I need a moment of quiet reflection and pure, unshakable calm.

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Three things besides three other things...Nov 10

Three things besides three other things…

I’ve been scolded that I left the coconuts up way too much and that there are no updated. It’s been two months and for the life of me, I did not realise when the flew by right past me. Here, in short, what’s new after all this time. After two months of work and plans […]

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Three things besides eating coconut...Sep 6

Three things besides eating coconut…

… I mean, raw coconut* for the first time and liking it a lot… Working on opening a third coffee shop Enjoying the cooler autumn nights Going back to my Limitless regimen after a yummy and lazy vacation How is September treating you so far? *I found instructions on Youtube and the photo here

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Le Petit PrinceAug 25

Le Petit Prince

This is the latest from the studio. A pendant inspired by Le Petit Prince, with the earth and the sky in white 14k gold and the star, a 5mm beautiful emerald. I am very happy that I had the chance to craft this pendant for a friend, so I will get to see it being […]

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Aromatic waterAug 17

Aromatic water

There have been a couple of very hot days here in Bucharest, so I invented an aromatic water to keep me happy and hydrated during these times of intense heat. Actually, this is not quite an invention, as it is an adaption of a coffee shop special lemonade, without the sugar and syrups the original […]

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The curmudgeon, the artist and the aficionadoJul 15

The curmudgeon, the artist and the aficionado

So I watched Dr. House. And I loved it. I wouldn’t mind being like him, once in a while, with all his quirks and eccentricities. Who would, right? When I heard he was coming to Bucharest in his tour with The Copper Bottom Band (how cool of a name is that?), I was a bit torn. On […]

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Three things besides wearing a skirt...Jul 12

Three things besides wearing a skirt…

… and feeling a bit awkward in it… Horseback riding, again, after the longest time Working on my first pair of wedding rings Counting down to a week of seaside bliss How are you these days?

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