So I watched Dr. House. And I loved it. I wouldn’t mind being like him, once in a while, with all his quirks and eccentricities. Who would, right?

When I heard he was coming to Bucharest in his tour with The Copper Bottom Band (how cool of a name is that?), I was a bit torn. On one hand, I wanted to see him live so much. I even thought about gathering the courage and hunting him down for an autograph, like I used to do when I was a kid. On the other hand, deep down I knew he was not actually Dr. House and I wanted to spare myself the disappointment.

I waited a lot to buy the tickets and when I finally decided, the only places available where way up and way away from the stage. Add to that my poor vision and lack of inspiration to take my glasses with me and imagine I hardly even saw him on the stage. He sounded cool and funny and danced a lot on the stage and waived around and shrugged his shoulders, but I so wanted to see his face and his mien closer.

Lesson 1: if you really want to see a favourite artist, buy tickets well in advance and get the best seats you can.

I’m not sure how many of their songs are originals, but many (if not all) of the ones played in the concert in Bucharest were old blues songs, reinterpreted in a new style, with a personal touch. The backing vocals have incredible voices and the lady playing the trombone is so cool. Hugh’s voice reminded me of Dr. House, but that was about it, the only connection between the curmudgeon and the artist on stage (from where I was sitting, that is). Not even the accent was the same…

Lesson 2: remember a character on screen is a fabrication.

The scenography was nice, with lamps and a living room feel to it. The light was moody and changing based on song and rhythm. The artists, involved and passionate about what they were doing. The public, very active, friendly and supportive (I assume his role as Dr. House had a great deal to do with this). The songs were happy and had a good vibe about them (even the couple of them which were rather on the sad side). And yet, I kept thinking the one on stage was not Dr. House and I was too far away from the stage and I was unsatisfied with the seats, the happy people dancing and him, feeling so at ease with not being Dr. House.

Lesson 3: enjoy the music and let the thinking for later.

All in all, it was a nice concert to see. He is charismatic and the band does very good music. Better seats would have made the whole experience much nicer, so would my better mood and my more realistic expectations. But I am glad I went and I am glad I saw him from afar, singing about friends, rain, love and all the other nice things we get in life.

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