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Just some pictures of my timid attempt to grow flowers. Cacti, roses and begonia. It’s good the owls are lower maintenance, caring for flowers is pretty tricky as it is. But they are so pretty, aren’t they?


Handful of happinessJul 7

Handful of happiness

Yet another reason to have a small garden. Yummy

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My weekend at the seasideJul 1

My weekend at the seaside

I’m not a big fan of weekend getaways. I mean, I am, but I am a bigger fan of longer holidays, of course. Driving to and from for just a night or two, sometimes I’d rather stay put. But this year, I thought I should try more weekend getaways to the seaside. This was the […]

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Snippets from my weekendJun 23

Snippets from my weekend

Bucuria candies, a roadtrip to Ostrov, eating cherries right from the tree, enjoying a sunset over the Danube and relaxing a whole afternoon at the coffee shop. This is the life.

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My tools, #1Jun 19

My tools, #1

I remember the first time I sat behind a jeweler’s bench. Everything looked so intimidating. The files, the saw, the flame. The tool I was most afraid of was the flex shaft. I bought one for my kit at home, but kept it in the box for quite a while. Then, having to polish some […]

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I love wrinkled sheetsJun 17

I love wrinkled sheets

It might be the weather, or the intimacy of white on white, but I love these wrinkled sheets and I would hide beneath them, no buts, no maybes. All photos above and more white on white love on bubbelsoda.

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If you could only smell these roses...Jun 16

If you could only smell these roses…

Yesterday, I received a huge bouquet of garden roses. They smell wonderful and are a feast for the eyes and soul. Thank you, lovely guests.

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