It was 2002. I got to visit Japan and be amazed by a wonderful people, with wonderful culture. The 10 years hard work of learning Japanese paid off, and then some.

Time went by. 13 years of time. And the 漢字 and polite phrases and everything I learned started to fade away. Some things still stick, and my heart rushes just a little bit faster when I understand bits of conversation in a movie or recall how to write 映画館 or 万年筆.

I decided it was time to brush off my Japanese and I am inviting you on this journey. I will prepare short lessons and post them online for everyone interested. You will be able to go through them at your own pace and, if you’d like, I can even correct your exercises.

Would you like to join me?

*The kanji in this post are as follows: in the title, nihongo = Japanese. In the text, kanji, eigakan = movie theater, mannenhitsu = fountain pen.

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