What’s the deal with the new year?


How different are we, really, from the ones that went to bed last night, all fuzzy with the drinks and the wealth of possibilities the new year can bring? Why can’t we stop every now and again, on a Saturday morning or every other Wednesday, in line at the grocery store and decide we will be better, work harder, call our friends more often, exercise daily (this time for reals), eat real food and end all the bitterness¬†without January 1st dawning on us from around the corner?

So this is it. January 1st, you are just another day in the long line of days I have to be better, do better, live better. I fear you not, nor the January 1st of all the years to come, because I make my decisions and work on them day in and day out, as best as I possibly can, and, for better or worse, there are no ends and no beginnings in that. Not anymore.

And so I wish you to be brave and work towards what you desire, make memories from daily fleeting moments and enjoy the nice, good people that let you tag along. And make sure you don’t wait another second to do that. Now is as good a moment as any other. Actually, even better.

Happy new Friday, everybody!

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